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Day 355:

Boost your self-esteem by healing conflicts with people.

Part I -- Write to their angels.

Today we start a new series on healing conflicts. Previously we have written the following articles about this topic:

Today's article is about a method suggested by Catherine Ponder of writing to a person's angel in order to dissolve conflicts between you. Before telling you about this method you may wish to read this article about communicating with your own angel.

Catherine Ponder suggests that everyone has an "angel" or higher self and that an excellent way of dissolving financial conflicts is by secretly writing to the other person's angel. She gives the following form:

"To the angel of <person's name**>, I bless you and give thanks that you are bringing this matter to a perfect conclusion, and that all concerned are satisfied and blessed by it." She suggests that you write this statement fifteen times, since this is the number that ancient mystics believed could dissolve hard conditions.

I have modified this method for those who have practiced communicating with their own guardian angels. As usual first relax. Get in touch with your own angel. Now use this type of form:

"Dear guardian angel, I thank you for all the times you have protected me and have given me unconditional love. Please bless me and bless <person's name**> and send her* total unconditional love. Now please contact her guardian angel, and thank it for protecting her and giving her unconditional love. Between the two of you please dissolve all conflict between the two of us and bring this matter to a perfect conclusion for the good of all concerned. I thank the two of you and cut all binds of conflict between us."

Now use your imagination to surround the four of you, the two of you and the two angels, with pink light of unconditional love. Finally get a piece of paper and write the above type of letter in your own words. Make the letter as long as you want. Give all the details of the causes of the conflict. Place the letter in the Bible, Torah, Koran, Gita or whatever book has spiritual significance to you. Keep the letter in your holy book for a few days after which time tear the letter to small pieces or burn it. Now let go of all thoughts about this conflict and let go and let God.


Please write to us about today's piece. I hope most of you approve but we would love to hear from all. This web site is as much yours as it is ours. Your feedback will help us improve it for you. Many thanks....


Namaste means "the Divinity within me salutes the Divinity within you...."



* We alternate between he and she

** Replace <person's name> with the actual name of the person you have conflict with.